Seventh High Entertainment LLC started 1998 in Mount Vernon, NY by owner Kaven Williams. The studio was relocated to Kingston Jamaica in 2003 and  relocated to Albany, GA in 2006 where the rich music culture made it easy to open a new recording studio.

7thHigh Recording Studio is the recording studio for all your audio recording projects, from full studio album projects to mix-tapes and demos. We provide our clients with the tools they need to be successful, beginning with a strong support system, and an atmosphere designed to excite and inspire musicians and artists. We take pride in what we do.


Kaven Williams,
Studio Owner / Engineer

Kaven has a diverse background in Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel, and Reggae, which lends to his versatility in the studio. He produces for the in-house label and runs Seventh High Entertainment day-to-day operations.

Chris Lodge

Chris Lodge,
Lead Engineer

Chris is an Albany native, musician, producer, and sound engineer who has been active in the local music scene for over ten years.  In addition to overseeing full album productions for several local bands throughout the last decade, Chris also plays lead guitar for Albany metal band, Dog Head. He joined 7thHigh Studios in 2016, where he currently provides production, instrument tracking, mixing, and mastering services for a wide variety of clients.

La’Quata Sumter,
Technical Director for Apps and Web Services

LaQuata is a native of Red Top, SC, but has been residing in South West Georgia for the past 12 years. She has a strong background in Information Technology with a big focus on Web Software and Applications. She is a Web Developer, Educator, and Consultant who provide technical IT and purchasing support for organizations.